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Bar Stool Kitchen Table Sets – Lots of people lump bar and bistro tables under the heading of pub table to one group, this is understandable since they both serve the identical intent. When shopping for a particular model for your house using this phrase can sometimes cause confusion and frustration. A third type is known as the Bar table that is lumped under the heading of bar table, to make matters much worse. For your house, to help you discover the table you want in order you need to understand the difference between these 3 types.

Bar tables are approximately 40 to 42 inches high, the same height as bars. They are generally comparatively small & intimate sitting two to four individuals. While traditionally made in timber, pub tables now arrive in a number of materials and styles that look great at a game or family room as well as a breakfast area or a dining room.

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They take up very little floor space and Bistro tables are around and typically have a bit of an old fashioned air around them. They can be bar height or height depending on the kind of table you select.