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Bar Table And Stools For Sale – People lump pub and bistro tables under the heading of pub table to one category, this is understandable since they serve the identical purpose. While shopping for a specific version for your home this phrase can occasionally cause confusion and frustration. A third type is referred to as the Pub table that is often lumped under the heading of bar table, to make matters worse. For your home, to help you discover the precise table you would like in sequence you will need to be aware of the difference between the 3 types.

Bar tables are about 40 to 42 inches high, the exact same height because most bars. They are generally comparatively small & intimate sitting two to four people. While traditionally made of wood, pub tables today come in a number of styles and materials that look great in a game or family room in addition to a breakfast nook or a small dining area.

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Bistro tables are round and very little floor space is taken up by them and also usually have a bit of an air about them. They can either be bar height or height based on the sort of table you pick.